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About Infertility Testing

You can begin to learn more about the reason you are having difficulty achieving or keeping a pregnancy by talking with a doctor, or you can contact a family planning clinic near you.  Your doctor may start by ordering some simple tests.  This information may lead to a treatment or recommendations for further evaluation.  Only some couples need the help of an in vitro fertilization clinic.  To begin, please visit the Infertility Education Program website at

Infertility Education Video Series

Beginning with our Introduction video, we have made available a series of nine videos for the Deaf community, which provide information about common questions and concerns regarding infertility. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns that you have.

Please click on the video links below to view the topics of interest to you. We recommend watching the videos in the order presented below for the best flow of information.

Infertility problem? Four questions need to be answered.

Is the woman ovulating each month?

Does the man have sufficient, healthy sperm?

Can the sperm and egg meet?

Can the fertilized egg implant itself successfully?

Predicting if ovulation has occurred.

The ovulation predictor kit.

Sperm analysis