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Hello and welcome... our video series providing infertility education to help men and women in the Deaf community have the children they want. 

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It is important to understand if you are releasing an egg from the surface of the ovary every month. There are some simple ways.

Most women have a 28 to 35 day menstrual cycle. In the first half of a woman's cycle, a group of eggs or follicles mature to be ready for fertilization. By the middle of the cycle at least one mature egg is released off the surface to the ovary. The egg drops into the fallopian tube and is where fertilization may occur in the presence of sperm.

How can we predict if ovulation has occurred? A simple and inexpensive way to understand if a woman is ovulating regularly is to chart daily temperature. This method requires writing down daily temperature on a special chart and using a sensitive thermometer, Basal Body Thermometer, which measures changes in body temperature in 1/10th of a degree graduations. It is also available in digital form and over the counter at any pharmacy.

It is important that a woman take her temperature after first awaking BUT before moving out of bed and hopefully the same time each day. Women are asked to chart daily BBT temperature for 2-3 months. Your doctor will review your BBT charts to understand if there is a problem with ovulation.back