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Hello and welcome... our video series providing infertility education to help men and women in the Deaf community have the children they want. 

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The most important single test for the man is a study of a sperm sample. This test aims to examine sperm quality and estimate the number of sperm in a sample. At least 1/3 of all couples having difficulty having the child they want, results from inadequate sperm number or poor quality.

Many factors may affect production of sperm. These can include medication use over the last 90 days, occupational exposures, alcohol or recreational drug use, bacterial or viral illness that produced a fever. Some men may have a varicocele, with is essentially a varicose vein in the scrotum, which also can affect sperm count and quality. For most men there is variation in sperm production throughout their reproductive life.

If abnormalities are detected on the semen analysis it is important to repeat the semen analsyis in two to three months to see if there is an improvement. There are specialists to help.back